Introductory Issues of Popular Comic Book Superheroes

Searching for Action Comics, No. 1–the issue that introduced us to Superman? How about Detective Comics, No. 27, and the premiere of Batman? Maybe you’re in the mood for Tales of Suspense, No. 39 (the origin of Iron Man). Read them all online at!


Kentucky Fried Comics

KFC has posted an online comic teaming Colonel Sanders with Flash and other DC superheroes fighting the evil Colonel Sunder, a cheap knock-off of the real deal inventor of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The Colonel of Two Worlds


Ramayana Case Study

A case study examining how Fantasy Interactive & OgilvyOne brought an ancient epic tale to life and launched Google Chrome in Asia. Fantasy’s legacy Ramayana page demonstrates the creative process involving the design challenge, concept, sketches, inspiration, color palette, and technology used to create this large project with both technical functionality as well as aesthetic appeal.

Butterick’s Practical Typography

Almost an entire typography course online, Butterick’s Practical Typography contains loads of basic information on the subject of typography. It goes way deep into what “typographers” used to do to arrange text in functional, aesthetic and creative ways.

Colleen Doran is an example of a creative artist whose work was infringed upon. She spent months researching, and 3000 hours illustrating, Gone to Amerikay for DC Comics. Within 24 after the work was available, a pirate website was making the graphic novel freely available to anyone on the Internet that wanted to read it. She wrote, “3000 hours of my life down the rabbit hole…without a solid return on this investment, there will be no more major investments in future work.” How sad that online piracy is chilling American creativity!

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How Much Should I Charge for a Freelance Gig?

Thanks to my student Brandon for finding this important web page featuring books, web sites, mobile apps, and just plain old good advice on how much to charge clients for freelance design gigs. Well worth the time to take a quick read.

Tice, C. (2012, November 29). 7 resources new freelancers
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What Makes a Website Beautiful?

What makes a web site beautiful? Designify answers this question with six qualities that make websites functional, and provides a variety of useful resources for building beautiful websites.

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Aesop’s Fables set in Google Web Fonts and 25×52

Recently brought to my attention is the 25×52 Project Initiative, launched by Femmebot, whose goal is to launch 25 projects in 52 weeks. The first project is Aesop’s Fables set in Google Web Fonts, displaying their beauty, showing them in pleasing combinations, and linking back to each font’s page from which it can be obtained.


Aaron Draplin on the Power of Sketching

Aaron Draplin discusses the importance of sketching for visual exploration, further exploring ideas on-screen using Adobe Illustrator, and offers tips for designers who want to take their work freelance. This video, sent to my by my student Nathan, contains advice that I’ve given my students for many years. Have a look!

Font Men

In Font Men, Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones describe their process of designing digital fonts. If you’ve ever had my Typography class, you might remember a font design project I used to assign. I wish I had this video to show back then–it’s one of this year’s SXSW official selections.