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Design is like the inch marks on a ruler, but creativity is the infinite number of fractions in between

Design follows a steady set of rules, while creativity is boundless. Commonly accepted guidelines exist governing balance, proportion, scale, etc., but creativity is the new, the original, the innovative, and the progressive. Breaking the rules of design (too much), as well as sticking to the cliché (too much), results in work that is predictable—a code for “boring.” But sticking to the rules of design, yet allowing yourself unlimited creative freedom within those boundaries results in work that is both novel and aesthetic. Design is like the inch marks on a ruler, but creativity is the infinite number of fractions in between. An inch can be divided in half, in quarters, in eighths, in sixteenths, in thirty-seconds, in sixty-fourths,… in millionths, in billionths, etc. Creativity and design will always go together, hand in hand.

—Elio L. Arteaga


Aesop’s Fables set in Google Web Fonts and 25×52

Recently brought to my attention is the 25×52 Project Initiative, launched by Femmebot, whose goal is to launch 25 projects in 52 weeks. The first project is Aesop’s Fables set in Google Web Fonts, displaying their beauty, showing them in pleasing combinations, and linking back to each font’s page from which it can be obtained.


Aaron Draplin on the Power of Sketching

Aaron Draplin discusses the importance of sketching for visual exploration, further exploring ideas on-screen using Adobe Illustrator, and offers tips for designers who want to take their work freelance. This video, sent to my by my student Nathan, contains advice that I’ve given my students for many years. Have a look!

Font Men

In Font Men, Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones describe their process of designing digital fonts. If you’ve ever had my Typography class, you might remember a font design project I used to assign. I wish I had this video to show back then–it’s one of this year’s SXSW official selections.

In the “Cool or What?” Category…

Ever think, “I want that Lamborghini?” I’ll get you one. Do you prefer Matchbox or Hot Wheels? Check out this interesting video where you can “Hot-Wheel” your own hot wheels.

Logo of the Day – Organ Donation

Cool logo of the day: Organ Donation