Presentation for Educational Psychology class (10-30-2017)


Art and Design Education through the Lens of two Educational Philosophies: Social Cognitivism and Constructivism


Final Presentation for Art Education PhD Class

Japanese Bookbinding (Tutorial)

See it live and in person tomorrow (Thursday) at the final day of the D3Expo! You’re all invited to this free event. Download PDF here. #d3expo

Animating a Red Carpet Scene (Tutorial)

Download the PDF here!

Michael Bierut Talks Logo Design on 99 Percent Invisible

Graphic design peeps! Roman Mars interviews Michael Bierut on logo design! Great interview covering political logos, simplicity and meaning in logo design, some logos Bierut designed horribly, and some he absolutely raves about. Check out this cool episode:


Design is like the inch marks on a ruler, but creativity is the infinite number of fractions in between

Design follows a steady set of rules, while creativity is boundless. Commonly accepted guidelines exist governing balance, proportion, scale, etc., but creativity is the new, the original, the innovative, and the progressive. Breaking the rules of design (too much), as well as sticking to the cliché (too much), results in work that is predictable—a code for “boring.” But sticking to the rules of design, yet allowing yourself unlimited creative freedom within those boundaries results in work that is both novel and aesthetic. Design is like the inch marks on a ruler, but creativity is the infinite number of fractions in between. An inch can be divided in half, in quarters, in eighths, in sixteenths, in thirty-seconds, in sixty-fourths,… in millionths, in billionths, etc. Creativity and design will always go together, hand in hand.

—Elio L. Arteaga


Illustrator Workshop on Sept. 30, 2016


iTunes Terms and Conditions as a Graphic Novel

In the “you gotta see it to believe it” category, Robert Sikoryak’s graphic novel adaptation of the complete and unabridged iTunes Terms and Conditions legal document. Each day, he adds a new page in the style of a different well-known cartoonist or illustrator. A cartoon Steve Jobs is the hero of this adventure. I’m waiting for the part that says the software is not allowed to be used in the operations of nuclear facilities–I’m not kidding, Check it out!

Post card of the 150 Most Influential Women in Graphic Design

Su Matthews Hale, the current president of the AIGA, and the 5th woman to hold that position in its 100+ year history, designed a postcard spotlighting the 150 most influential women in graphic design–great role models and inspiration for young women (and men, too!) entering this field.


Sites Mentioned in this Week’s RWD Podcast

I just found a new (new to me) podcast all about Responsive Web Design from the developer who coined the term–Ethan Marcotte–and the author of Content Strategy for Mobile–Karen McGrane.
Sites mentioned in this week’s episode: